Fit Your Otofonix Hearing Device in Minutes.

No need to be a tech Guru. The initial hearing test built into the app will allow you to be up and running with your new hearing aids in minutes, from the comfort of your own home.

Control every setting of your hearing aid and fine-tune your listening experience from the Otofonix app.

The Otofonix app also comes with a built-in hearing test.

Quickly customize the amplification of individual frequencies from the ease of your smartphone. Update the custom configuration whenever you like, from the comfort of your own home.

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Why Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

As technology progresses, we see the integration of Bluetooth into more gadgets and gizmos. It was only a matter of time before Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids burst onto the scene. That is why we at Otofonix are excited to offer the convenience and ease of Bluetooth enabled hearing aids to you, our valued customer, at the affordable price you deserve.

Previously, Bluetooth hearing aids (also referred to as smart hearing aids) were only available to those willing to spend thousands of dollars on upgrades and doctor visits for fittings. We at Otofonix set out to design a Bluetooth hearing aid that would not only cost thousands less than prescription hearing aids but would use the same premium components and advanced features. We came up with the Sona, and we want you to see it!

Are Bluetooth hearing aids better?

Besides providing a better listening experience overall, the Sona’s self-fitting feature gives you the freedom to discreetly adjust your listening settings in real-time and help you hear comfortably in nearly any environment. Previously, any adjustments to your hearing aids would have required a costly and time-consuming visit to an audiologist.

Bluetooth benefits

- Easy volume adjustments using your mobile device
- Improved localization and quality of sounds
- Personalized frequency control for each ear
- Discrete remote control of all settings from the palm of your hand

Why is Otofonix’s Sona Bluetooth Hearing Aid the Best?

If you’ve had a hearing test that shows you would benefit from a hearing aid and you’re interested in taking advantage of a Bluetooth enabled device, you’re going to love Otofonix’s Sona Hearing Aids. The Sona features an effortless Bluetooth connection, is made to work with your iPhone and Android mobile device, and will claim low power consumption – which means you can enjoy a full day of crystal clear sound without worrying about recharging.

For us, it comes down to three things: Unrivaled customer support and superior, stable Bluetooth hearing aid technology at an affordable price.

 We focused on creating the most comfortable, advanced, stable Bluetooth hearing aid available. We spend over two years developing the Sona to ensure that our Bluetooth technology and your hearing experience would be reliable for the life that you own your hearing aids. You want your Bluetooth enabled devices to connect quickly and work every time, and your hearing aids are no exception.

 The Sona’s Bluetooth connection is reliable, secure, and there’s no interference to disrupt the crystal clear listening experience it provides.

 As a leading hearing aid manufacturer, we pride ourselves on being here for you every step of the way with our US-based, award-winning support. Our team of friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated customer service and hearing technicians are available by phone, email, or chat to help answer any questions you might have along the way.

What can the app control?

The Sona Bluetooth hearing aid includes access to our powerful yet easy to use Otofonix app available for download on your mobile device.

 The Otofonix app allows you to control every setting of your hearing aid and fine-tune your listening experience from the palm of your hand. With this kind of discreet convenience, you will never want to go back to traditional hearing aids.

 The app also comes with a built-in hearing test that helps you quickly and easily get up and running with your new Sona in a matter of minutes. And there is no need to worry about any trouble with technology; the Otofonix app will walk you through the connectivity process step by step. Simply download the app directly to your Android or Apple device from the app store and use it to connect your new Sona hearing aid.

How is the sound quality?

The Sona hearing aid features crystal clear sound thanks to the built-in directional microphone. By processing the sound directly in front of you, the directional microphone allows you to focus on exactly who you’re speaking to without missing a word. The Sona intuitively cancels out unwanted background noise so you can clearly and effortlessly hear your conversations.

 Whether you are attending a noisy family gathering, walking through the park, or shopping in a bustling store, the Sona hearing aid will ensure that you hear the sounds that matter most.

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