Hearing Aid Protection Plan

Elite 2 Year Protection Plan


With the Otofonix Protection Plan, you are 100% protected from ALL types of accidental damage, and almost anything else that may go wrong, including things not covered by the standard Warranty (water damage, battery corrosion or stepping on the hearing amplifier).

Hearing Aid Protection Plan

Elite 2 Year Protection Plan


Otofonix Protection Plans

Coverage for ANY accidental damage

Coverage for ANY malfunction or manufacturer defect

No deductiable, 100% parts and labor included

Replace it with a new device if it can't be repaired

Provides replacement per device
At Otofonix we provide a  limited warranty on all manufacturer defects. This plan provides 100% protection from any and all types of accidental damage including those not covered by the standard manufacture’s warranty. This contract covers any defect or malfunction to your device.

How do you get service?

If your hearing amplifier stops working during the course of normal usage, contact Otofonix at 704-380-0508 or info@otofonix.com for troubleshooting and specific return instructions. If it is necessary to send the unit to us, you will be required to pay postage. Otofonix will pay for the return postage to you.

What will Otofonix do?
Otofonix will repair or replace any defect or malfunctioning part or send you a brand NEW hearing aid at no charge. The replacement device will be the same or similar if the original model is not available.

What’s not covered?
Loss or theft of the amplifier and unauthorized repairs are not covered. The damaged device must be returned to claim credit. Accessories (e.g. tubing, domes, etc.) are not included.

What else is included?
Available at no charge is any maintenance service or repairs
to your device with a $0 deductible

How long does the coverage last?
This contract period lasts as long as your subscription is active. THE PROTECTION PLAN IS NON-REFUNDABLE

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